'It's our committment to you to create an experience that compliments your interests and exceeds your expectations.'

We’re sick of tour operators ferrying people to the same tourist traps day in day out, giving the same boring experience to the thousands that came before them. Small Batch seeks to create a different tour experience, one where your voice counts and the tour itinerary is designed around what best suits you.

Our guides are truly passionate experts who live and breathe the regions, who know all the hidden gems, and who want to share the best of the region with you. We venture into the unchartered territory that others don’t dare, uncovering the best of the region before the masses arrive, so you can receive the spoils.

We meet regularly with winemakers and cellar door staff across the regions, benchmarking their wines and exploring the experience they offer.  We’ve experienced their story and tasted their wines ourselves, so we know exactly what’s on offer and how best to share it with our guests. As a result we’ve developed respectful relationships with the wineries who now treat us and all of our guests like family.

It’s these special relationships that differentiate us from every other operator out there – Small Batch Wine Tours isn’t just about taking you to wineries to have you guess the rest. We seek to connect you with the people, the regions, the terroir, and the wine for a truly unique and authentic experience.

Expect the Exceptional with Small Batch Wine Tours


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Small Batch Wine Tours is the brain-child of passionate South Australian local Matthew Kurko. Having spents years travelling, tasting, hiking, and scuba-diving as a tourist and as a tour-leader across the globe, he has returned home with a strong passion for sharing genuine and authentic experiences with others. As a trained wine-professional, Sommelier, and passionate explorer, his intrepid nature continually uncovers new experiences and pioneers new offerings to share with his guests.

Matthew is the sort of person that’ll go anywhere and try anything, having travelled independently to all corners of the globe – over 40 countries at last count. He’s hiked the Himalayas with only a backpack and a map; led teams of scuba divers by day and by night off Caribbean islands; taken armies of Scouts on camps in the bush and on the water; and been searching through the deepest jungles to find rare and dangerous animals.

When you’re in his hands in his own backyard, you can trust him to take you on an unforgettable journey through South Australia’s stunning wine regions.

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