COVID-Clean Practicing Business

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Government has introduced regulations and procedures which means we have had to make some small changes to the way we do things here at Small Batch. Following is a run down of what we are required to do, what we need and ask you to do, and what else we are doing to contain the pandemic.

Do not tour if you have COVID-19, have recently been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case, or are required to self-isolate
Goes without saying really. If you’ve recently (within the last 14 days) been in contact with someone who is a confirmed COVID case, currently have COVID-19, or are otherwise required to self-isolate you are not allowed passage on tour. In the first instance guests will be given a voucher valid for the same experience should they have to cancel, valid for 24 months from cancellation date. Otherwise, right to refund should you have to cancel is as per our Terms & Conditions.

Do not tour if you are unwell
Under no circumstance is any guest or guide to join a Small Batch Wine Tour should they be feeling ill or presenting any COVID-19 symptoms (including fever, coughing, a sore throat and shortness of breath). If you are in doubt, for the sake of everyone else on tour and the greater good, please do the right thing and stay home/get checked. In the first instance guests will be given a voucher valid for the same experience they had to cancel, valid for 24 months from cancellation date. Otherwise, right to refund should you have to cancel is as per our Terms & Conditions.

Provide us with every passenger’s details
We are legally responsible for keeping track of who joins us on tour. This is in the case that any one of our guests becomes symptomatic, we can trace and notify all parties involved. As per Australian Government requirements, we have to take the full name and email of each guest on tour. We are not legally allowed to allow you passage otherwise. Please do the right thing by everyone.

Designated Seating
Guests will be designated seats which must be the sole seat they use for the entirety of the tour.  Guests shall not be seated next to those with whom they would not normally associate.

Personal Hygiene
All guests and staff are asked to wash hands regularly and use hand sanitiser before entering the tour vehicle. While we will have hand sanitiser available for your use, it is wise and advisable to bring your own for personal use. This prevents over-handling of communal hand sanitiser and, in turn, prevents the spread.

Operation and use of sliding doors
All sliding doors will be operated electronically by the driver. Guests are not to operate doors manually, electronically, or otherwise unless in the case of an emergency. Guests are to enter and exit the vehicle from the same side each time as per the guides instruction. This is to help prevent the potential spead of pathogens by guests.

Cleaning Vehicles
While we maintain a clean tour vehicle at all times, each tour vehicle will have ‘high touch surfaces’ sanitised regularly, including a thorough interior sanitize between tour groups.


Besides our legal obligations, what else are we doing to help combat the spread?

Our local guides are all using the Australian Government’s COVID-Safe app. We highly recommend you download and install the app too. Download available for Apple and Android.

We are limiting our small-group tour numbers to prevent strangers from sitting next to one another. This means every family or friend unit has their own row of designated seats on tour. This may mean less people on your tour, which is a bonus for the guest.

We have removed our onboard reading materials and also direct access to our onboard water. While we have always recommended bringing your own reusable/refillable water bottle, guests without will be allocated colour coded water bottles to help prevent the spread. All in all, this means less touchy-touchy of shared/onboard items, and more COVID-safety.

These are all simple things and we’re sure you’re all used to it by now, but we ask that you please respect and follow any directives by staff at the wineries and by your local guide. It is, after all, for your own benefit.


For further detailed information, click on the following to find our Quality Tourism COVID-Clean Certificate, our COVID-Safe Plan, and full details of the Principles for Transport and Tour Vehicles.

If you believe there is anything we could do better or for any other comment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to let us know.

Please Contact us with any questions